Alaxtanis the Warp-Guide

Mad warp-guide


Movement: 4/8/12/24 Wounds: 15
Armour: Curse-Carved Void Suit (All 2). Total TB: 4
Skills: Awareness (Per), Blather (Fel) +10, Common Lore (Imperium, Koronus Expanse, Navis Nobilite, Rogue Traders) (Int), Concealment (Ag), Deceive (Fel) + 10, Forbidden Lore (Chaos, Navigators, Pirates, Psykers, The Warp) (Int), Invocation (WP), Literacy (Int), Navigation (Stellar, Warp) (Int) + 10, Psyniscience (Per), Scholastic Lore (Astromancy, Navis Nobilite, Numerology, Occult) (Int), Scrutiny (Per), Sleight of Hand (Ag), Speak Language (Low Gothic), Survival (Int), Tech-Use (Int), Trade (Soothsayer) (Fel).
Talents: Dark Soul, Decadence, Enemy (Navigators), Foresight, Improved Warp Sense, Jaded, Psy Rating (3), Warp Affinity, Warp Conduit, Warp Sense
Alignment: Tzeentch
Possessions: Rite knife (Melee, 1d5, Pen 0, Primitive), Almanac Astrae Divinitus, data-slate, micro-bead, stolen and bloodspattered navis prima, psy-focus, ship-board emergency kit.


Navigating the Warp is a treacherous, mind-bending ordeal that has been the purview of the Navis Nobilite for millennia. Those rare individuals blessed with the Navigator gene and their noble families are the glue that holds the Imperium of Man together. There are, of course, other means by which a voidship can be guided through the Empyrean—but few are willing to pay the price of such desperate measures. Only the truly desperate consider the dark bargains required to travel in this way, but there are those on the fringes with no options and nothing to lose but their souls.

Alaxtanis the Warp-Guide