Carrion Hunters

Cannibals inhabiting Chains of Judgement


Screen_Shot_2016-12-19_at_03.42.17.pngMovement: 3/6/9/18 Wounds: 8
Skills: Awareness, Dodge, Stealth.
Armour: None.
Weapons: Pipe Club/Scrap Knife (1d10+3).
Gang Up: Carrion Hunters recognise Chaos Space Marines
as highly dangerous targets. If at least three Carrion Hunters
can engage a Chaos Space Marine, make one attack roll for
the entire group with a + 20 bonus. Success means they deal
2d10+6 damage instead of 1d10+3. This ability only applies
when fighting a Chaos Space Marine.


“Is it foods?”
The debased descendants of crew and inmates alike, the Carrion
Hunters are feral cannibals who scour the ship for meat to fill
their bellies. Though poorly armed and organised, they are still
dangerous, especially when encountered in large numbers.

Carrion Hunters